Zoher Kapasi

Zoher F Kapasi, PT, PhD, MBA

Professor Emeritus, Rehabilitation Medicine


Zoher Kapasi, PhD, PT, MBA is the Director and Professor in the Division of Physical Therapy of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Physical Therapy from University of Bombay, India, PhD in Anatomy/Immunobiology from Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia and Executive MBA from Goizueta Business School, Emory University, Atlanta. He did post-doctoral work in Immunology at Basel Institute for Immunology, Switzerland and Medical College of Virginia. His research focuses on age-related changes in immune function and the effects of exercise and nutrition on the immune system. Additionally, Dr. Kapasi is researching determinants of referrals for physical therapy in a private practice setting (marketing studies). Dr. Kapasi teaches human anatomy, advanced human anatomy and business management for the physical therapist in the physical therapy program. Dr. Kapasi is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation and he integrates the humanities in his anatomy curriculum by including a service of gratitude at the end of the cadaveric dissection of the human anatomy course.  Dr. Kapasi is the recipient of Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award and the Dean’s Teaching Award in the School of Medicine at Emory.


2006 M.B.A., Goizueta Business School, Atlanta, GA, USA
1991 Ph.D. Anatomy / Immunobiology, Richmond, VA, USA
1986 M.S. Physical Therapy, Mumbai, , India
1983 B.Sc. Physical Therapy, Mumbai, , India

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications


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* Trainee (PhD student) is the first author or co-first author.


1987Jay Surgical Award for the Best Junior Paper presented at the Silver Jubilee Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists, Pune, India
1989Honorable Mention for presentation of research paper during the Medical Sciences Section of the Virginia Academy of Science Meeting, Richmond, Virginia
1990Second prize for presentation of research paper during the Medical Sciences Section of the Virginia Academy of Science Meeting, Fairfax, Virginia
1990Certificate of Appreciation for presentation of research poster at the Seventh Annual Daniel T. Watts Graduate Symposium Day, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia
1990-91The H.L. Osterud Award for Outstanding Graduate Student, Department of Anatomy, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia
1990-91The Jack D. Burke Award for Excellence in Cell Biology, Department of Anatomy, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia
1991Honorable Mention-John C. Forbes Graduate Student Honors Day Award, for Proposed Research, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia
1987-91Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond Virginia
2000Award for Best Poster Presentation by Cardiopulmonary Section of the American Physical Therapy Association
2003IAP Oration Award: Prestigious Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession of Physiotherapy by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP), 41st Annual Conference of the IAP, Mumbai, India
2006Beta Gamma Sigma, National Scholastic Honor in Business Administration
2014Emory University School of Medicine Dean’s Teaching Award
2017Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award