Welcome Back Party for All DPT Students

The faculty and staff held a “Welcome Back” party on Friday, January 16th, at the Emory Conference Center for DPT students as they returned to campus for the Spring semester. The first-year students returned from Holiday Break, the second-year students returned from their last part-time affiliation, and the third-year students returned from their last full-time affiliations.

Six students were recognized for nominations and involvement in APTA and PTAG: Nate Thomas for his nomination for the APTA Mary McMillan Scholarship; Kate Hamilton, Meg Jacobs, and Nate Thomas for their involvement on the Board of Directors for the APTA Student Assembly (Kate – President, Meg – Director, and Nate – Student PT Delegate); Katie Pitillo and Lindsay Rambo – for their involvement in the PTAG Student Special Interest Group; and Julie Granger – for her selection into Whos Who Among Students of Colleges and Universities.

We are proud of these and all of the Emory DPT students and are happy to welcome them back to campus for the semester.


Nate Thomas


Kate Hamilton


Meg Jacobs


Katie Pitillo


Lindsay Rambo


Julie Granger