Professor Emeritus, Otolaryngology
Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine

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Atlanta, GA 30322
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Being Director of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program has been an amazing experience. I know I am bragging but the Emory faculty are superb and the students represent the best of the best. Our academic program recognizes the challenges involved in an ever-changing healthcare environment and has the flexibility to meet and anticipate those changes. Emory is definitely an exciting place to work and learn. I am fortunate that my doctoral and post-doctoral training have enabled me to combine my research interests in recovery of function with my clinical practice specializing in the treatment of patients with vestibular deficits. The focus of my current research is determining predictors for successful rehabilitation of people with vestibular loss. These studies also examine the development of the mechanisms involved in the recovery of gaze stability. By identifying these mechanisms, we can develop more effective treatment protocols.


1976 Ph.D. Anatomy Philadelphia, PA, USA
1969 B.A.S. Biology Poughkeepsie, NY, USA


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Awards and Honors

01/2003 John Maley Award for Innovative Clinical Practice American Physical Therapy Association
01/2001 Catherine Worthingham Fellow American Physical Therapy Association
01/2000 Excellence in Research Award American Physical Therapy Association
01/1998 Jack Walker Award Physical Therapy
01/1998 Faculty Achievement Award Div. of Physical Therapy, Univ. of Miami
01/1991 Faculty of the Year Award Department of Physical Therapy, Univ. of Maryland