Special Accolades!

One of our faculty members, Steve Wolf, PT, PhD, FAPTA, is a co-author of an article that has received not one, but TWO awards for “outstanding article”. The paper “Memory and behavior changes in stroke survivors” by Clark PC, Dunbar SB, Aycock DM, Courtney E and Wolf SL was published in Rehabilitation Nursing, I53:406-413;2006 and was the Editor’s Choice Award Recipient for the J Rehab Nursing and the 2006 Stroke Article of the Year Award from the Council of Cardiovascular Nursing. The study was funded through NINR (P Clark) and the Extremity Constraint Induced Therapy Evaluation (EXCITE) randomized clinical trial funded through NIH (S Wolf). The EXCITE study explored the effect of constraint-induced movement therapy (forced use) of the hemiplegic upper extremity on recovery of movement function among patients who sustained a stroke.