Service Learning in the Spirit of Physical Therapy Month 2010


Fourteen Emory DPT students and three faculty members provided educational information about running and fitness at a 10K/5K community fun run held at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Tucker, GA. Students developed educational materials on running shoe selection, common overuse injuries found in runners, and information about how to safely start an exercise program. They interacted with runners, volunteers, and their families at the pre-race dinner on Friday, September 24, 2010 and on race day, Saturday, September 25th.
The event was a good way for the students to talk to the community about who physical therapists are, what we do, and how to get physically active in order to prevent and fight obesity. Organizers at the church were so impressed with the students that they are already planning on asking the Emory DPT program back for next year’s race, and are hoping to get some assistance in developing a kid’s race complete with pre-race warm-ups and activities.