Sarah Blanton PT, DPT receives the APTA’s inaugural Societal Impact Award!

The Division of Physical Therapy congratulates Sarah Blanton PT, DPT on receiving the APTA’s inaugural Societal Impact Award! This award recognizes her expertise and continuous contributions to our community, the association and the profession at large. In addition to teaching and research, Dr. Blanton helped to establish the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation, the first journal of humanities in rehab that has garnered impactful contributions from Who’s Who in the world of Medical Humanities.

Established in 2017, the APTA Societal Impact Award fosters the association’s outward-facing vision and highlights the impact of physical therapy in improving quality of life. The award recognizes leaders within APTA’s member community who demonstrate commitment and dedication to addressing issues related to societal welfare. This award specifically recognizes individuals who exemplify the compassionate nature of the physical therapy profession by exhibiting a distinguished commitment toward philanthropic initiatives, raising public awareness on key societal issues, and demonstrating how physical therapy can be applied to address these issues.