Michael J. Wooden, PT, MS, OCS, MTC

Michael J. Wooden

Orthopedic Physical Therapist
Manual Therapy Certified
Division of Physical Therapy
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine

1460 Montreal Road East
Tucker, GA 30033
Emails: mwooden@emory.edu & mwooden@myphysio.com
Phone: (770)-491-0920


Michael J. Wooden, MS, PT, MTC has been a practicing clinician for 49 years, and an instructor in the Division of Physical Therapy since 1982, where his teaching focus is differentiation, diagnosis and treatment of peripheral musculoskeletal disorders. He is a 1971 graduate of Ithaca (New York) College, and a 1981 graduate of St. Augustine University (formerly the Institute of Physical Therapy), where he received his Masters Degree in orthopedic physical therapy and his manual therapy certification. In 1990 he received his specialist certification in orthopedics from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists.

Michael has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed scientific articles on various orthopedic topics. He is co-editor of the textbook Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, published by Churchill Livingstone, and now in its fourth edition. He is a charter member of the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, a section of the A.P.T.A, previously serving on its research committee and chairing its membership committee. Additionally, he was book review editor of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy for 20 years.

Originally from New York State, Michael has resided in the Atlanta area for 40 years and has been active in civic, arts and recreational programs. He has done volunteer work for Special Audiences, Inc., the Southern Regional Wheelchair Tennis Championships, community softball, basketball and baseball programs, and the PTA.


1981 M.S. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, St Augustine, FL, USA
1971 B.S.  Physical Therapy, Ithaca, NY, USA


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Awards and Honors

1982: SV Paris Award for proficiency in manual therapy, Institute of Physical Therapy, Atlanta, GA

1990: Orthopedic Specialist Certification, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties

1992: BREG Excellence in Research Award, Sports Section, A.P.T.A

1996: Distinguished Service Award, Orthopedic Section, A.P.T.A.

1996: Patricia King Baker Award, outstanding alumnus, St. Augustine University

1998-2004: Presidents Club, Physiotherapy Associates

2000: Orthopedic Specialist Recertification, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties

2002: Outstanding Clinical Performance, Physiotherapy Associates

2003: Chairman’s Club, Physiotherapy Associates

2007: Citizen of the Year Award, Physiotherapy Associates

2010: Orthopedic Specialist Recertification, American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties

2011: Keynote Speaker, Doctor of Physical Therapy program White Coat Ceremony, Emory University School of medicine