Lisa Heusel-Gillig PT DPT NCSLisa graduated from Emory University Physical Therapy Masters program in 1985. She worked in neuro- rehabilitation, both inpatient and outpatient from 1988-2001 at Emory Center for Rehabilitation Medicine. She started at the Emory Dizziness and Balance Center from 2001-present focusing on patients with vestibular hypofunction, BPPV, cerebellar disorders, older adults with fear of fall, stroke and head injury patients, and migraine patients with motion sensitivity.

She received her DPT degree in 2007 from Emory, became a board certified neurology clinical specialist (NCS) in 2011. She is certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation and is on the faculty for annual Emory Vestibular competency course, as well as the advanced vestibular course and vestibular testing course. She has also has taught similar courses in Australia and New Zealand.

She has published articles including “Efficacy of gaze stability exercises in older adults with dizziness “ and ”Balance rehabilitation and dual-task ability in older adults”. She is presenting a poster at the 2013 APTA combined section meeting on “ Effectiveness of Physical Therapy Intervention in Patients with Degenerative Cerebellar Ataxia”