Interprofessional Simulation Conference November 14-15, 2017

The 2nd Interprofessional Simulation conference , a joint effort with the Emory University, Division of Physical Therapy, the SOM, the SON, the PA program and EHC was held on Nov. 14-15 on the Emory campus. The conference organizers collaborated using the premise of simulation-based learning both in academic and in situ (at the bedside) to improve patient focused care and safety. One hundred and twelve individuals including guest speakers attended the conference coming from as far as Hawaii to Massachusetts. The attendees represented academic faculty as well as health care practitioners in the areas of physical therapy, nursing, pharmacy, physician assistants, physicians, occupational therapists and speech therapists. The attendees represented both academic institutions and clinical practice/healthcare. 15 guest speakers represented an interprofessional panel of experts from the University of Buffalo, Northeastern University, Drexel University, University of Miami, University of Minnesota, Emory University and Emory Healthcare. Participant discovery and scholarly work was represented by 24 posters selected by a peer-reviewed process, displayed at the conference. Several exhibitor/vendors also participated.

The Day 1 program focused on 6 key aspects of interprofessional simulation:

  • the why and how of interprofessional simulation as well as communication;
  • simulation across the continuum: moving from student to clinician;
  • the importance of incorporating the patient and family;
  • the art of the debrief;
  • measurement of skill and competency: determining proficiency;
  • scholarship and discovery: striving for excellence.

Day 2 focused on hands on group activities for development of assessment tools and scenarios for the interprofessional simulation. Day 2 was held at the Emory Center for Experimental Learning (ExCEL) highlighting both the Simulation Center and Clinical Skills Center.

Dr. Teddy Potter

Dr. Teddy Potter 1# Keynote Speaker: the Why of Simulation.

Day 1 Session 3

Day 1: Session 3 – Putting the Patient and Family in Interprofessional Simulation. Sharlene Toney RN Facilitator, Pam Cosper RN, JoBeth Nicoll PFA, David Carpenter RN

Day 2

Day 2: Building the interprofessional simulation scenario. Dr. Patricia Ohtake Facilitator & Sandy Ockers OA


Reception. Keynote speaker- Jill Morgan RN and planning committee: Lisa Marie Wands, Jade Cruz, Sharlene Toney, Jill Morgan, Sandy Ockers, Kathy Lee Bishop