ICU SIM Lab Learning Experience for First-Year DPT Students

On Tuesday, February 16, the first year DPT students participated in an ICU Simulation (SIM) Lab. The goal of this lab was to create a real-life hospital intensive care environment where students could problem solve and learn about acute patients. The SIM Lab is part of the Emory Center for Experiential Learning (ExCEL) in the School of Medicine.

During the simulation lab, physical therapy students rotated through five ICU cases with various acute conditions and complications. With the guidance of experienced clinicians, the students followed a problem-solving method of discussing pathology, precautions and treatment planning. Students performed evaluations and treatments on the simulated patients and identified ways to modify treatment based on the response from the patient. Furthermore, students had an opportunity to become familiar with the various lines, tubes, catheters, monitors and equipment seen in the ICU setting.

These mannequin-based simulations use high fidelity simulators that physiologically respond to treatment similar to what would occur in real patients. The simulated patient can be assessed by the learner; they can initiate treatment with a resultant response, and perform a variety of procedures. This is done in a controlled learning environment that mimics the real patient care settings but is safe for the patient and learner. The SIM lab is located in the basement floor of the School of Medicine Building.

simlab1 simlab2

simlab3 simlab4