Health Services Management Panel

The first year Emory students in their course on professionalism, ethics and the law listen and ask questions to panel discussants about contemporary and future issues impacting the practice and profession of physical therapy. Participants in the panel, from left to right, are: Barney Poole, PT, ATC, Vice Speaker of the APTA House of Delegates; Nate Thomas, 2nd year Emory student discussing issues of student involvement in local and national organizations; Beth Davis, PT, DPT, MBA; Stuart Platt, PT and former chief delegate from Georgia to the APTA; and Anne Thompson, PT, EdD, current president of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG). Additional panel discussants included Megan Crawford (far right) a 2nd year Emory student who talked about her involvement in the APTA at the student level, and the course coordinator, Bruce Greenfield, PT, PhD, OCS (2nd from right)