First-Year DPT Students Participate in the First Interprofessional Team Training Class Among Five of Emory’s Health Professions

On Monday, October 19th, the first-year Doctor of Physical Therapy Students participated in the first Interprofessional Team Training Class among five of Emory’s health profession programs. This class was developed for first-year students from Medicine, School of Nursing, Medical Imaging, Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy Programs. It was the first class in a series of three classes which will occur across two years.

The overall goal of the Interprofessional Team Training Series is to assist in transforming the culture of healthcare towards improved patient safety by providing introductory inter-professional learning opportunities on key concepts of communication and teamwork to students in various health professions in a systematic, multi-stepped educational intervention over the course of a two year period. The topic of the first class was “Communication”, the second class is “Role Identity”, and the third class is “Team Identity”. The second and third classes will be held in the Fall of 2010 and Spring of 2011, respectively.

On October 19th, 460 students gathered in the WHSCAB (Woodruff Health Sciences Center and Administrative Building) auditorium for a one hour lecture. Following the lecture, students split into small groups of 10-12 students with mixed program representation for role plays and discussion. The small group sessions were led by 88 facilitators, two per group from different health professions, who volunteered their time to assist with this class. Facilitators received information prior to the class and further training while the students were in their large group lecture.

The planning committee for the Interprofessional Team Training Class worked in conjunction with a psychologist from Georgia Tech to incorporate a research component. Data was collected before and after the first class, and will be collected throughout the series. Research will primarily be used for curriculum development, but will have other uses as well.