Faculty Member Contributes Expertise to Arthritis Publication


Brenda Greene, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, recently contributed her time and expertise to Arthritis Today, the consumer health magazine published by the Arthritis Foundation. Dr. Greene provided consultation services for development of a web video of exercises appropriate for people with arthritis.

The Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Marcy O’Koon Moss, was extremely appreciative of Dr. Greene and her contribution to the project. In a letter to the Division of Physical Therapy Director, Marcy wrote: “Brenda was a gem to work with – professional, knowledgeable and generous with her time.”

Dr. Greene began teaching in the Physical Therapy Program at Emory University in 1988. In addition to her teaching and research responsibilities, she currently serves as an Associate Director of the program. Dr. Greene was among the first board certified orthopedic clinical specialists in 1989. Dr. Greene has a particular interest in injury prevention and health promotion for persons with chronic diseases such as arthritis and work-related cumulative trauma disorders. Her research activities involve collaboration with rheumatologists and other healthcare professionals in clinical and community settings.