Emory University receives $4.5 million in USAID!

Emory has received a $4.5 million four year grant from USAID to establish the profession of Physical Therapy in the country of Georgia. The grant will be used to establish a PT training center in the Emory Kobaladze Learning Center in Tbilisi, and to establish a clinic in Tbilisi and Batumi, the second largest city on the Black Sea. The grant will also help to establish a network of clinics throughout the country. Currently, Georgia has no nursing homes or other similar facilities to treat patients with strokes, amputations, motor vehicle accidents, landmine injuries, dementia and Parkinsonism. These patients are cared for by caregivers at home. The grant will be to train these home caregivers. The use of Information Technology to improve the quality of life of the disabled people will be explored. Following the lead of a group in the US., Tbilisi State Medical University is an important partner of the grant. They will supply the clinical facilities in Tbilisi and will be involved in the teaching process. The Emory group includes Dr. Archil Undilashvili, MD MPH MBA MHA FACP from the Emory School of Medicine as Chief of Party, Zoher Kapasi, PT, PhD, MBA and Marie Johanson, PT, PhD, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist from the Division of Physical Therapy, Gordon Churchward, PhD. from the Dean’s office and Kenneth Walker, MD, from the Department of Medicine.

Emory team visited Tiblisis State

The Emory team visited the Tiblisi State Medical University in Georgia.