Emory DPT Student and Faculty Research Article Accepted for Publication

The article The EXCITE Trial: Analysis of “Noncompleted” Wolf Motor Function Test Items appears in Volume 26 Issue 2 February 2012 pp. 178 – 187 of the journal Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, the highest impact journal in neurorehabilitation in the world.  2011 Emory DPT graduates Timothy Lonergan, Emily Estes, Rozina Merchant and Natasha Richardson participated in the project guided by senior author and associate faculty member Steve Wolf. The article addressed a specific outcome measure, the Wolf Motor Function Test (WMFT), for the EXtremity Constraint Induced Movement  Evaluation (EXCITE) Trial and specifically the number of timed tasks that could NOT be completed following the delivery of constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT) compared to a usual and customary care group. The sample size included 222 participants, 3-9 months post-stroke, located at 8 sites throughout the country. This paper addressed changes in completed WMFT tasks before and after a two week period over which CIMT was provided to the immediate group (CIMT-I). This group showed a highly statistically significant increase in the number of tasks that could be completed following CIMT. Moreover the greatest improvements occurred in performance of the more complex, multi-joint tasks. A preliminary evaluation of the kinematics underlying all these tasks led to the suggestion that perhaps more time should be spent in carefully engaging in task training that necessitate greater active range of motion in more proximal joints.