Emory DPT Program Receives Coalition of the Liberal Arts Funding

We are happy to announce that the Coalition of the Liberal Arts (CoLA) at Emory has funded a $20,000 grant to us to offer a course entitled “Disability, Resilience and the Mortal Self” in spring of 2016.  The Principal Faculty involved in submitting the proposal are Sarah Blanton, PT, DPT, NCS, Bruce Greenfield, PT, MA (Bioethics) PhD, Zoher Kapasi, PT, PhD, MBA and Aaron Stutz, PhD, MA (at Oxford College) Additionally, several of our students were involved in the planning and writing of this course proposal including Rebecca Crockett, Kari Lindegren, Katherine Voorhorst and Kevin Tolbert (who will start the DPT Program in June and is currently graduating from Emory College).

This CoLA course will engage the participants in an intricate, hands-on exploration of disability and resilience in the human life-course and focus primarily on physical disabilities that present neuromuscular impairments.  However, participants will explore how dealing with neuromuscular impairments shapes and relates to contexts for dealing with other forms of disability.

Congratulations to these students and faculty members in submitting a compelling course proposal that has successfully garnered this funding.