Emory DPT Faculty and Students Travel to the Dominican Republic


During the week of March 11-17th, eight students accompanied Dr. Sara Pullen and Dr. Durga Shah to San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic. This first-time Service Learning trip consisted of daily workshops for local medical personnel on a variety of topics pertaining to physical therapy (orthopedic and neurological trauma, neurological rehabilitation for stroke and spinal cord injury, pediatric and NICU interventions, and women’s health), home visits and learning about the culture and history of the Dominican Republic. All week, students worked diligently from sunup until late into the evening and learned an immeasurable amount about providing physical therapy and public health interventions in a developing country with little to no resources. We formed lasting partnerships and collaborations with Dominican partners, with mutual cross-cultural dialogue and learning throughout the week. The yearly Dominican Republic trip promises to be an essential part of the Emory DPT Service Learning program.

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