Drs. Lena Ting, Trisha Kesar, Michael Borich and Madeleine Hackney featured in Your Fantastic Mind.

Your Fantastic Mind is a TV series on the Georgia Public Broadcasting channel in collaboration with the Emory and the Brain Health Center. Now in its third year, it is produced and narrated by Emmy award-winner Jaye Watson. The series highlights a variety of topics and outstanding contributions to brain health. The episode, “Game Changers” features Drs. Ting, Kesar, Borich and Hackney’s work on gait, balance and cognition measured through complex sensory information to understand, characterize, and assess mobility disorders. The research spans multiple disciplines from engineering to neurophysiology and biomechanics across highly skilled behaviors seen in dancers and athletes and impairments in neurological disorders to inform development of rehabilitation strategies to improve gait and balance.

The episode which aired on Monday, April 25th at 8 pm in GPB, shows Dr. Ting and her colleagues use a unique moving platform to study movement, human balance and gait, and measure the complex interplay of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system.