Dr. Sarah Caston has received the 2021 ACAPT Emerging Educator Award.

Connecting Learning, Well Being and Belonging, Humanities, and Clinical Care.

The Division of Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that Dr. Sarah Caston PT, DPT has received the 2021 ACAPT Emerging Educator Award. The award recognizes Dr. Caston’s contribution to scholarship, teaching, service, and administration/leadership.

Dr. Caston is committed to lifelong learning as it relates to excellence in Physical Therapy education, innovative teaching methodology and relevant publications and program initiatives. Her early clinical practice marked the beginning of Dr. Caston’s life-long commitment to learning and the essential integration of the social and human dimensions of clinical practice that carried over to academia. Her innovative teaching methodologies foster critical skills of empathy, cultural humility, and reflective practice in her students.

Apart from teaching, Dr. Caston was one of the primary interventionists on my NIH-NINDS K23 funded pilot clinical trial (Evaluation of a Carepartner Integrated Telehealth Rehabilitation Program for Persons with Stroke) evaluating the impact of a family centered intensive upper extremity rehabilitation program in families after stroke.

Dr. Caston is committed to student wellbeing. She is one of the three faculty members engaged in the development the Emory Learning Community Initiative (ELCI). Working with her colleagues, the ELCI creates regular small group discussion formats with faculty advisors enhancing faculty-student communication, fostering meaning-making through additional opportunities for structured reflection and facilitating strategies for process improvement with clinical education. Partnering with DPT students, Dr. Caston has supported a student driven wellness enhancement program to address student struggles with mental, emotional and physical well-being during their intense graduate education.

Dr. Caston continues to distinguish herself in her dedication to promoting DEI work at every level. Through the DEI initiatives Dr. Caston creates a sense of belonging among DPT students.

Dr. Caston has taught in Tbilisi, Georgia working on a USAID grant awarded to Emory University Physical Therapy program with the mission of enhancing the delivery of physical therapy care in Georgia, assisting to develop clinical reasoning and clinical skills of the therapists.

What distinguishes Dr. Caston is her passion for the humanities, disability studies and DEI initiatives which are all grounded in clinical wisdom.

Dr. Caston is a graduate of the Emory DPT program and is a Board-Certified Neurologic and Geriatric Clinical Specialist.

Congratulations Dr. Sarah Caston!