Dr. Lena Ting receives the Health Care Heroes Award in the Allied Health Professional category from the Atlanta Business Chronicle. This award recognizes her work using technologies to improve rehabilitation for individuals with movement disorders. We congratulate Dr. Ting on the award!

Lena Ting, PhD, is winner in the Allied Health Professional category, for her work blending science, engineering and robotics to improve rehabilitation for individuals with movement disorders and those who have experienced stroke, spinal cord injury, or lower limb loss. A professor in the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University, and a professor of rehabilitation medicine at Emory School of Medicine, Ting’s research focuses on the brain and body interactions that allow us to walk, stand and balance with little thought. Drawing from neuroscience, biomechanics, rehabilitation, robotics and physiology, she has discovered new principles of human and animal motor control that are being used to advance the direction of current physical therapy research. Ting also serves as a mentor and educator to researchers in rehabilitation science and engineering, including serving as a mentor for the National Institutes of Health-funded Training in Grantsmanship in Rehabilitation Research program.

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