Dr. Bruce Greenfield is the recipient of the Dean’s Teaching Award for the 2017-2018 academic year!

Dr. Bruce Greenfield is the recipient of the Dean’s Teaching Award for the 2017-2018 academic year! This award recognizes faculty for superior teaching within the School of Medicine and signifies the high regard students and colleagues hold for Dr. Greenfield’s dedication and skill in teaching.

Dr. Greenfield introduced reflective practice and narrative into the DPT curriculum, now primarily housed in seminars following students’ early integrated clinical education experiences and in a course he directs (Current Practices in Physical Therapy) embedded in students’ long term clinical internships. A natural extension of his interest in the use of narrative to foster professional development, Dr. Greenfield has advocated for the integration of the humanities into our curriculum and to develop collaborative learning throughout Emory University, which included a Coalition of Liberal Arts (CoLA) course entitled Disability, Resilience, and the Moral Self: Healing and Care Across the Lifespan (offered to selected undergraduate and DPT students to create an environment of collaborative learning that combines the liberal arts with experiential learning in the rehabilitation sciences).

Among his activities at the national and international levels, Dr. Greenfield was recently invited to become a founding member of the Critical Physical Therapy Network (CPN), an international collaborative network of critically-informed academics, clinicians and researchers who draw on the health sciences, social sciences and the humanities to explore, challenge and develop physiotherapy theory and practice. The network is dedicated to promoting critically-informed thinking, research and collaboration through ideas and scholarship from diverse disciplines including anthropology, the arts, cultural studies, critical theory and education. Currently CPN has grown to over 200 members and Dr. Greenfield has built upon his use of narrative in clinical learning to focus on the use of humanities as a way to foster patient-centered care.

Dr. Greenfield is a dedicated teacher, an effective mentor and a thoughtful scholar. He has made significant contributions to Emory, the physical therapy profession and interprofessional education through excellence in teaching. His influence has been broad, profound and long lasting, both institutionally, regionally, nationally and internationally.