DPT 2nd ANNUAL 5K FUN RUN October 29, 2008

The second annual students, faculty and staff fun run occurred over a stretch of 5 kilometers of green space in Lullwater Park. The Lullwater Estate is a beautiful area on Emory’s campus where the President of the University and his family reside. The surrounding park serves as a recreational area for Emory students, faculty, and staff. Lullwater’s wooded trails and scenic lake make it a favorite place for members of the Emory community including physical therapy program students, faculty and staff. The park’s main entrance off Clifton Road is adjacent to Center for Rehabilitation Medicine.

The run was organized to foster awareness of our own health and fitness. Participants were asked to record resting heart rates on three mornings prior to the event. Heart rates also were recorded immediately before the run and again at the end of the event.

The run was flagged off by the director of the program, Dr. Susan Herdman. After the run, students, faculty and staff mingled over a picnic lunch and hydrating fluids!

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