International Students

Additional information for international applicants and students can be found at

Important information about Student Insurance.

Requirements for International Applicants:


All transcripts must be translated into English and sent to credentialing service to determine applicant has the equivalent of an American bachelor degree.

Credentialing must be sent directly from the credentialing service to:

Division of Physical Therapy
1462 Clifton Rd N.E. Suite 312
Atlanta GA 30322
Phone: (404) 712-5660 (General Info)
Phone: (404) 727-4002 (Admissions)
Email: PT Admissions

Credentials will not be accepted if sent by the applicant.

English Testing

Applicant must take TOEFL and TSE (test of spoken English) given by Educational Testing Services.

Financial Certificate

Allied Health will send all international applicants a financial certificate form. This form is used to certify that the applicant has adequate funds to pay for entire duration of program. Applicant will not be able to secure US Financial Aid loans.


I-20 form will be sent to applicant to secure an F1 Visa (student visa).

Credentialing Service address:

World Education Services
P O Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274