Cristian Cuadra, PT, PhD, MSc.

Visiting Scholar
Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Division of Physical Therapy

Emory Rehab Hospital
1441 Clifton Road, N.E,
ReAMP Lab (RG36)
Atlanta, GA 30322 USA

Phone (Lab): 404-712-5985


My research focus is on the understanding of neural mechanisms of movement control with a strong emphasis in clinical applications. Currently, I work at Dr. Lyle’s lab exploring how proprioceptive feedback contribute to movement control. Specifically, we explore how sensory information from muscle spindle and Golgi tendon organ modify the motor performance in healthy subjects and persons with neurological and orthopedic disorders.


Ph.D. Kinesiology, The Pennsylvania State University. USA. 2020.

M.Sc. Statistics. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Chile. 2015

B.Sc. Physical Therapy. Universidad de Playa Ancha. Chile. 2008.


Journal Articles:

Cuadra, C., Gilmore R., Latash, M. L. (2020). Accuracy of finger force perception studied with force matching and verbal reports: Testing predictions of the Iso-Perceptual Manifold (IPM) concept. Journal of motor behavior. (In Press)

Abolins, V., Cuadra, C., Ricotta, J., Latash, M. L. (2020). What do people match when they try to match force? Analysis at the level of hypothetical control variables. Exp Brain Res

Cuadra, C., Kozinc, Z., Wojnicz, W., Latash, M. L. (2020). Perceptual and motor effects of muscle coactivation in a force production task. Neuroscience Journal, 437; 34-44.

Cuadra, C., Falaki, A., Sainburg, R, Sarlegna, F., Latash, M. L. (2019) Case Studies in Neuroscience: The central and somatosensory contributions to finger inter-dependence and coordination: A study of a “deafferented person”. Journal of Neurophysiology

Cuadra, C., Latash, M. L. (2019). Exploring the Concept of Iso-perceptual Manifold (IPM): A Study of Finger Force-Matching Tasks. Neuroscience Journal.

Cuadra, C., Bartsch, A., Tiemann, P., Reschechtko, S., & Latash, M. L. (2018). Multi-finger synergies and the muscular apparatus of the hand. Experimental Brain Research, 236(5), 1383–1393.

Reschechtko, S., Cuadra, C., & Latash, M. L. (2017). Force illusions and drifts observed during muscle vibration. Journal of Neurophysiology, (814), jn.00563.2017.


Bartsch, A., Cuadra, C. (2019) Statistics with examples applied in R. (In Spanish: Estadística con ejemplos aplicados en R). Editorial Académica Española. ISBN 978-620-2-16675-1.

Awards and Honors

Fellow of the International Chilean Scholarship Program. Minister of Research, Science and Technology. Chile. 2016-2020.

Professional Development Endowment Award. College of Health and Human Development. Penn State University (2019)

Academic Excellent Award. Physical Therapy department. Universidad de Playa Ancha. Chile (2008)

President and Founder of the Motor Control Student Association, Penn State (2019-2020).

Invited Speaker

Neuroscience seminar, division of physical therapist. Emory University (Atlanta, 2020).

Physical therapy department seminar. University North Georgia (Atlanta, 2020)

Chilean Conference in Motor Control and Rehabilitation. (Chile, 2019).

International Seminar in Motor Control. Universidad Santo Tomás. (Valdivia, Chile, 2019).

Workshop in Motor Control and Neurorehabilitation. (Cordoba, Argentina. 2017).

International Conference Physical Therapy. Universidad de Las Americas. (Quito, Ecuador, September 2016)