Courtney Hall, PT, PhD

Courtney Hall, PT, PhD

Adjunct Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Eastern Tennessee State University

Email: (University)
Office:   (404) 321-6111 (Office)


I have focused my academic preparation and research concentration toward better understanding age-related (both normal and pathological) changes in balance control and how best to intervene therapeutically. I have been studying various risk factors for falls for a number of years. My research to this point has focused on motor and sensory contributions to balance control in older adults and how best to intervene therapeutically. I am currently involved in a randomized controlled trial to develop effective exercise intervention to reduce dizziness and fall risk in older adults with non-specific dizziness (i.e., without vestibular pathology). In addition, we are starting a new project designed to examine dual-task ability in older adults and to determine whether targeted intervention can improve this ability in older adults.


2000 Ph.D. Kinesiology Austin, TX, USA
1997 M.S. Exercise & Movement Science Eugene, OR, USA
1990 B.S. Physical Therapy Chapel Hill, NC, USA
1984 B.S. Mathematics Davidson, NC, US



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