Interprofessional Simulation Conference 2017

Interprofessional Simulation Conference: Simulation as a Tool to Promote Interprofessional Education and Practice

November 14 – 15, 2017
Emory Conference Center and Hotel
Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

The Interprofessional Simulation Conference will bring together interdisciplinary, health science educators and clinicians to promote and determine best practice, assessment measures, and techniques when using simulation as an education tool for health and medical professions students and healthcare clinicians.

Upon completion of the conference, learners will be able to:

  • Discuss the fundamentals of simulation for use in the classroom and at the bedside.
  • Practice hands-on interprofessional team training.
  • Demonstrate optimal interprofessional team, family, and patient-centered communication.
  • Understand and implement the process for using interprofessional simulation to determine competency.
  • Develop a facilitative process to perform an interprofessional team debrief.
  • Identify and develop research concepts to demonstrate translation of simulation into practice.

More information and registration here and on Facebook.
Download flyer here.

Kudos to DPT student Emma Goldberg!

Emma Goldberg received the Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Humanities in Rehabilitation Scholar award at a special dinner hosted by Maggie Edson, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of the play Wit. This $1,000 scholarship goes to a graduate student with a dedication to the pursuit of knowledge in the humanities, a deep desire to foster awareness of humanities in health professions and a gentle kindness and compassion in relating with others. The dinner was attended by Jenny Foster, professor in Emory School of Nursing, Sarah Blanton, Associate Professor, Emory Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta, Pam Chitkwa, PT clinical instructor at Grady Hospital and Emory alumni (class ’92), Stephanie Larson, Emory doctoral student in English and 2016 winner of Blanton scholarship, and Linda Merrill, faculty in Emory Art History dept.


Dr. Zoher Kapasi

Dr. Zoher Kapasi receives 2016-2017 Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award

Zoher F. Kapasi, PT, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Zoher Kapasi

The Division of Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that Dr. Zoher Kapasi was selected to receive the 2016-2017 Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award by David S. Stephens, MD, Interim Dean, Emory University School of Medicine.

The Emory Williams Awards were originally established by Mr. Emory Williams, a former emeritus trustee and graduate of Emory college in 1972. These awards honor faculty members who: a) foster participation, inquiry and creative expression in the classroom, b) serve as a model for teaching and scholarship, and c) serve as a mentor to students. As a recipient of the award, Dr. Kapasi will be listed in the 2017 Commencement Program.

The Division congratulates Dr. Kapasi on this well-deserved prestigious award!

Michael Robinson

Kudos to PT alumnus Michael Robinson on his faculty appointment at Howard!

Michael RobinsonIt is with immense pleasure that we share our alumnus Michael Robinson’s success story. Michael graduated from the DPT program at Emory University in 2013. Michael has recently joined Howard University as a faculty member. We are especially pleased to learn that his classroom experience here at Emory  motivated him to become part of the faculty at Howard. As a practitioner, Michael’s goal is to enhance student learning by bringing his clinic experience into the classroom.

Read more.

Student-Led Service Learning Emphasized During Two Community Events

The Emory University Division of Physical Therapy Purposeful Learning and Activities for Youth (PLAY) Committee is a student-led organization that designs and implements purposeful activities, family-centered events, and education in the Greater Atlanta area with the purpose of promoting health and wellness for children with special needs and their families.

This fall, in partnership with Easter Seals of North Georgia and GiGi’s Playhouse, the PLAY committee executed the 2016 Trick or Treat Trot and the 4th Annual Fall Fit Fest, respectively.

In October, the PLAY committee provided its expertise in intentional play at the established Trick or Treat Trot. We were invited to participate in the 6th annual race to provide activities for children with special needs and their families. The 4th Annual Fall Fit Fest was held in November at Chastain Horse Park. During this event, children with Down Syndrome and their families enjoyed interacting with horses, climbing through an obstacle course, practicing yoga poses, and designing crafts with healthy foods.

Due to the volunteer support of 75 Emory Doctor of Physical Therapy students, the events successfully reached more than 125 children and their families. Volunteers helped emphasize parent education at each station, allowing the families to learn more about the principles of gross and fine motor skills and how to incorporate them at home and in the community. The parents and children left the event feeling inspired and prepared to integrate these events into their daily lives.

Student-led service learning provides student volunteers with the opportunity to consider their role in the community and build confidence for their future practices through development of clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills. The events planned with both community partners, GiGi’s Playhouse and Easter Seals of North Georgia, provide Emory DPT students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of pediatric communities enriching their engagement in related academic courses.

Below are a few of the photos from these events.

PTAG 2016: PLAY Committee Poster Presentation

(L-R Rachel Christie – Class of 2017, Nathalie Rosales-Class of 2017, Leah Hinson Mountain – Class of 2017)

On October 1, three members of the Purposeful Learning and Activities for Youth (PLAY) Committee – Rachel Christie, Nathalie Rosales, and Leah Hinson – presented a poster at the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia (PTAG) Insight Fall Meeting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The PLAY Committee’s mission is to design and implement purposeful activities, family-centered events, and education in the Greater Atlanta area with the purpose of promoting health and wellness for children with special needs and their families. Through this poster presentation, the PLAY committee demonstrated how student-led community-based events can be used to educate caregivers on the importance of intentional play for children with special needs as well as provide Doctor of Physical Therapy students with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of pediatric communities.

Through various events coordinated by the PLAY Committee, Emory DPT students have the opportunity to collaborate to help underserved communities, while helping build confidence for their future practices through development of clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Based on student survey, DPT students demonstrated an improved ability to work with children and families as well as to facilitate pediatric activities in a controlled environment.

The PLAY committee hosted two events this fall: Trick or Treat Trot with Easter Seals of North Georgia (October 29) and the 4th Annual Fall Fit Fest with GiGi’s Playhouse (November 6).

DPT Professor Emeritus June Garber and her husband on Storycorps on WABE NPR

storycorpsgarber_102516This heartwarming story that aired on WABE NPR in a StoryCorps interview on October 25, 2016 is one of a series of articles that will be part of the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHR) piece next spring. You can listen to the story by clicking this link.

June Garber (Professor Emeritus) with the Division of Physical Therapy is featured with her husband, Les Garber, a stroke survivor.

This is a very moving story of stroke survival and love for one another!

Oct. 29 is World Stroke Day, a day to raise awareness of the condition and to underscore high stroke rates. Close to 800,000 Americans have a stroke per year.

Emory Healthcare establishes cardiac rehab program in China


Emory Faculty members paid a visit to their medical colleagues in the Jilin Province of Northeast China


(L-R: Laurence Sperling, MD, Xaioping Meng, MD, David Burke, MD and Kathy Lee Bishop)

Emory Rehab Chairman, Dr. David Burke and DPT Professor, Dr. Kathy Lee Bishop lent their medical expertise and knowledge to develop the first ever cardiac rehabilitation system in the Jilin Province of Northeast China. The Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Center (CCRC) opened at the Affiliated Hospital to Changhun University of Chinese Medicine after a collaborative three-year effort. Emory Faculty were invited speakers at the first China-U.S. Cardiac Rehabilitation Forum at the 7th Jilin Provincial Atherosclerosis Conference.

Please follow the link below to read the entire article in the Emory News Center written by Ms. Mary Beth Spence, Senior Manager, Media Relations about this wonderful collaboration.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Faculty honored in 2016 Researcher Appreciation Day


Dr. Steve Wolf


Dr. Randy Trumbower


We are very pleased to announce that two faculty members from our Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Rehab Medicine, have been selected to be honored at the Research Appreciation Day by Emory School of Medicine. These honorees were nominated by their peers and colleagues for their groundbreaking research, development of new technologies, and continued pursuit of novel and innovative ideas.

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Randy Trumbower and Dr. Steve Wolf for this unique distinction!

You can learn more about Dr. Wolf and Dr. Trumbower’s research and all the featured researchers by clicking on the link below.

Ainsely Rossi, PT, DPT, OCS

Congratulations to Dr. Ainsley Rossi & DPT Students who earned 1st Place in the Georgia Publix Marathon’s Hydration Station and Food Station Challenge

The DPT Program is happy to announce that we earned FIRST PLACE in the hydration station challenge and the food station challenge for the Georgia Publix Marathon Race that was held several weekends ago! For our student’s enormously loud & extremely enthusiastic efforts on a very early Sunday morning, we have earned a $1,500 donation to the Good Samaritan Clinic in Atlanta.

Thank you to our students and Dr. Rossi, in particular, for leading the effort for us and organizing our students and their work each year.

Thank you all for your help and Congratulations for this stupendous effort!