Opportunity for VA Special Fellowship in Advanced Geriatrics

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Special Fellowship in Advanced Geriatrics, offers federal employment for post-doctoral training for up to three years of research focused experience. Individuals must have already completed a doctoral degree in a health profession and at least one-year of clinically focused activity.

This opportunity has not traditionally been listed with other post-doctoral opportunities, but offers substantial support to qualified applicants. DPT graduates would be eligible.

To learn more, download the VA Special Fellowship Application pdf.

Dr. Randy Trumbower’s Students at GA Tech Win 2012 InVenture Prize


Dr. Randy Trumbower, Assistant Professor in the Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Emory, as well as, Program Faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology mentored a team of talented undergraduate students in Georgia Tech’s BME 4602 Capstone Design class toward a first place finish in the highly competitive InVenture Prize.

Team members Daphne Vincent, Alkindi Kibria, Elizabeth LeMar and Kunal Dean MacDonald of the Re-Hand project, a software-assisted, home-use hand assessment and rehabilitation device, won the 2012 InVenture Prize in front of a live television audience at the Ferst Center for the Arts. “It was amazing,” said Re-Hand team member Daphne Vincent, who graduated in December of 2011 with a degree in biomedical engineering. “We are so excited. We now have our first investment and will be able to get our invention into the hands of the people who really need it.”

The project’s design is based on the fact that loss of hand function is a debilitating consequence of neurologic injury and often results in significant reduction in functional independence. The manifestation of hand impairments following an injury to the nervous system (i.e., weakness and limited finger coordination) often lead to hand deformity and lost function. Unfortunately, there are no known stand-alone devices that can quantify changes in individual finger strength and coordination, which can acquire finger strength and position data, display visual feedback, as well as, adapt to the hands of patients with a broad range of impairments. Thus, the purpose of this project is to design/develop a strength assessment device that can quantify the restoration of finger strength in a heterogenous population of persons with neurologic injury. Students gained experience in mechanical design, programming, prototyping/testing of medical instrumentation, human experimentation, neuromuscular physiology, and clinical care of persons with a broad range of impairments.

The project started as a BMED 4602 CAPSTONE DESIGN class at Georgia Tech. For one year, students worked with Dr. Randy Trumbower on the design and development of a stand-alone hand assessment device. Dr. Trumbower oversaw the design process and provided mentorship to the students. Students completed a working prototype of the device in Dec 2011. The device finished 3rd place in the 2011 Capstone competition and 1st place in the 2012 InVenture Competition. The students recently submitted the project to the 2012 Popular Mechanics competition.

Emory DPT Ranked 7th in the US by US News and World Report

The 2012 rankings of Physical Therapy programs was just released by US News and World Report and the Emory Doctor of Physical Therapy Program has been ranked number 7 – moving up from the number 11 spot in the country.

This ranking is a testament to our stellar faculty, students, staff and alumni who represent our program locally, nationally and internationally. Congratulations to all.

Emory DPT Students Win Honorable Mention in the Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge

We are pleased to announce that the Emory DPT students have won Honorable Mention in the Pittsburgh – Marquette Challenge. They raised a total of $5,860.21 in this year’s Challenge.

The grand total will be announced at the Foundation’s Legacy Gala at the Tampa Marriott Waterside in Tampa, FL on Thursday, June 7. Students will be recognized during APTA’s Honors & Awards Celebration that begins at 6:00pm in the Florida Ballroom.

Faculty Member Bruce Greenfield Completes His Master Degree in Bioethics


Bruce H. Greenfield, PT, MA (Bioethics), PhD, OCS

Bruce Greenfield, Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation, Division of Physical Therapy, completed his MA degree from Loyola University (Chicago) in Bioethics. This degree adds to his scholarship and teaching of medical ethics to physical therapy students within the Division of Physical therapy, medical residents and bioethics students within the Emory Center for Ethics and the Emory Master’s in Bioethics program. This also strengthens his ethical decision-making within his role as a member of Emory Hospital Ethics Committee.

Congratulations to the DPT Class of 2012

On May 14, 2012, the Emory DPT Program graduated the DPT Class of 2012. The Emory University graduation ceremony was held on the quad where internationally renowned neurosurgeon and humanitarian, Dr. Benjamin S. Carson delivered the keynote address. The Emory Doctor of Physical Therapy Program ceremony followed, and commencement speaker Dr. Anthony Delitto, Professor and Chair Department of Physical Therapy and Associate Dean of Research School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh encouraged the new grads with words of wisdom as they move forward to begin their careers as physical therapists. The DPT ceremony took place in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Auditorium, and a reception for students and their families, faculty and staff of the Division was held afterward on the plaza level.

The 2012 Student Marshall was Amy Kathryn DeArment and the Class Speaker was Robert Bell Morris. Please see the list below of students from the DPT Class of 2012.

Congratulations to all the 2012 Graduates!


Dr. Anthony Delitto delivers the commencement address


Dr. Zoher Kapasi, Director, gives welcoming remarks at the DPT graduation ceremony


Dr. David Burke, Chairman, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine gives remarks at the DPT graduation ceremony




Meet the Class of 2015

The Division of Physical Therapy faculty, students and staff welcome the DPT Class of 2015. This diverse class includes 66 students, 80% of which are from outside Georgia and 20% are males. They are represented by 50 Universities and 25 majors.



Emory DPT Class of 2015

Strong Neurological Expertise Among Emory DPT Faculty

Congratulations to Tami Phillips, Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy, on her recent Neurological Clinical Specialist (NCS) certification. She joins Sarah Blanton and Laura Zajac-Cox both Assistant Professors, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Division of Physical Therapy, who recently received their NCS recertification for another 10 years.

The NCS certification and recertification by these Emory DPT faculty members are recognition and confirmation of their unique skills by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS).

Emory DPT Faculty and Students Volunteer in South Georgia Farmworker Health Project


For two weekends in June, students from the 2nd year DPT class volunteered their time with the South Georgia Farmworker Health Project in Bainbridge and Valdosta, Georgia. Faculty members Sara Pullen, Kathleen Geist and Tami Phillips, Professor Emeritus Susan Freed and eight alumni served as mentors and clinical instructors to the students.

This project was established in 1996 when Emory physician assistant and medical students first took a caravan of cars down to southern Georgia to provide medical care to the workers who labor in the corn and bell pepper fields. The Farmworker project consists of traveling clinics, setting up each day at a new worker camp or mobile home community to attend to needs of this vastly underserved population.

Physical therapy students work with trained physical therapists to evaluate and treat farmworkers for common injuries such as low back pain, knee and shoulder injuries. In addition, students conduct a “back class” on proper body mechanics for lifting, throwing and catching heavy boxes of farm produce. Clinics start early in the morning and run as late as midnight, with the clinic sites changing daily based on local needs. One group of students summarized their experience saying “We met wonderful people, and most importantly made an impact in the farmworkers’ lives; providing them care they were very unlikely to have access to otherwise.”

This marks the Emory DPT program’s fifth year of involvement with the Farmworker Project and we hope that the program will continue to grow in years to come. Working with an underserved population is an invaluable opportunity for any healthcare provider, and we are fortunate to work with such a skilled and dedicated group of PAs, MDs, and volunteers.

Dr. Randy Trumbower is Member of Interdisciplinary Team Awarded Georgia Tech Petit Institute Grant

Drs. Trumbower and Ting were awarded a grant through the Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience (see announcement). This award is for $50,000 a year (for up to two years) to support collaborative research on locomotor muscle coordination in persons with incomplete spinal cord injury.

Please see Georgia Tech IBB news posting and Dr Trumbower’s InspirLab website for more details.