Boris I. Prilutsky, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Georgia Tech, Applied Physiology Associate Professor

555 14th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone:   (404) 894-7659


The major focus of my research is biomechanics and motor control of locomotion and reaching movements in healthy people and individuals with neurological and musculoskeletal pathological conditions. In particular, I investigate the mechanisms of motor learning and adaptation to novel motor tasks as well as to pathological conditions caused by peripheral nerve injury, spinal cord injury, amputation and visual impairment. I also investigate how motor practice and sensory information affect selection of adaptive motor strategies.


Ph.D., Biology, Latvian Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, Riga, former USSR, 1990.

B.S., Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, Moscow, former USSR, 1987.

B.S., Physical Education, Central Institute of Physical Culture, Moscow, former USSR, 1978.


Books and book chapters

Zatsiorsky VM and Prilutsky BI (2012) Biomechanics of Skeletal Muscles. Human Kinetics.

Priutsky BI and Klishko AN (2010) Control of locomotion: Lessons from whole-body biomechanical analysis. In: Motor Control: Theories, Experiments, and Applications (Danion F and Latash ML Eds), pp. 159-178. Oxford University Press.

Prilutsky BI, Klishko AN, Farrell B, Harley L, Philips G, Bottasso CL. (2009) Movement coordination in skilled tasks: Insights from optimization. In: Advances in Neuromuscular Physiology of Motor Skills and Muscle Fatigue (Shinohara M Ed.), pp. 139-171. Research Signpost, Kerala, India.

Prilutsky BI. Eccentric muscle action in sport and exercise. In Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine. Biomechanics in Sport (Ed. Zatsiorsky V.M.), pp. 56-86. Oxford, UK, Blackwell Science Ltd.

Recent peer-reviewed articles

Pantall A, Gregor RJ, Prilutsky BI (2012) Stance and swing phase detection during level and slope walking in the cat: Effects of slope, injury, subject and kinematic detection method. J Biomech. (in press).

Markin SN, Lemay MA, Prilutsky BI, Rybak IA. (2012) Motoneuronal and muscle synergies involved in cat hindlimb control during fictive and real locomotion: a comparison study. J Neurophysiol. (in press).

Prilutsky BI, Ashley D, VanHiel L, Harley L, Tidwell JS, Backus D (2011) Motor control and motor redundancy in the upper extremity: Implications for neurorehabilitation. Top Spinal Cord Inj Rehabil 2011;17(1): 7-15.

Spardy LE, Markin SN, Shevtsova NA, Prilutsky BI, Rybak IA, Rubin JE. (2011) A dynamical systems analysis of afferent control in a neuromechanical model of locomotion: II. Phase asymmetry. J Neural Eng. 8(6):065004.

Spardy LE, Markin SN, Shevtsova NA, Prilutsky BI, Rybak IA, Rubin JE. (2011) A dynamical systems analysis of afferent control in a neuromechanical model of locomotion: I. Rhythm generation. J Neural Eng. 8(6):065003.

Prilutsky BI, Maas H, Bulgakova M, Hodson-Tole EF, Gregor RJ. (2011) Short-term motor compensations to denervation of feline soleus and lateral gastrocnemius result in preservation of ankle mechanical output during locomotion. Cells Tissues Organs. 193(5):310-324.

Ollivier-Lanvin K, Krupka AJ, AuYong N, Miller K, Prilutsky BI, Lemay MA. (2011) Electrical stimulation of the sural cutaneous afferent nerve controls the amplitude and onset of the swing phase of locomotion in the spinal cat. J Neurophysiol. 2011 May;105(5):2297-2308.

Markin SN, Klishko AN, Shevtsova NA, Lemay MA, Prilutsky BI, Rybak IA. (2010) Afferent control of locomotor CPG: insights from a simple neuromechanical model. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1198:21-34.

Maas H, Gregor RJ, Hodson-Tole EF, Farrell BJ, English AW, Prilutsky BI. (2010) Locomotor changes in length and EMG activity of feline medial gastrocnemius muscle following paralysis of two synergists. Exp Brain Res. 203(4):681-692.

Beloozerova IN, Farrell BJ, Sirota MG, Prilutsky BI. (2010) Differences in movement mechanics, electromyographic, and motor cortex activity between accurate and nonaccurate stepping. J Neurophysiol. 103(4):2285-2300.

Lum PS, Mulroy S, Amdur RL, Requejo P, Prilutsky BI, Dromerick AW. (2009) Gains in upper extremity function after stroke via recovery or compensation: Potential differential effects on amount of real-world limb use. Top Stroke Rehabil. 16(4):237-253.

Pitkin M, Raykhtsaum G, Pilling J, Shukeylo Y, Moxson V, Duz V, Lewandowski J, Connolly R, Kistenberg RS, Dalton JF 4th, Prilutsky B, Jacobson S. (2009) Mathematical modeling and mechanical and histopathological testing of porous prosthetic pylon for direct skeletal attachment. J Rehabil Res Dev. 46(3):315-330.

Maas H, Gregor RJ, Hodson-Tole EF, Farrell BJ, Prilutsky BI. (2009) Distinct muscle fascicle length changes in feline medial gastrocnemius and soleus muscles during slope walking. J Appl Physiol. 106(4):1169-1180.

Awards and Honors

2011-2015 NSF grant EFRI-1137172: EFRI-M3C: Mobility skill acquisition and learning through alternative and multimodal perception for visually impaired people. Co-PI (PI, Zhu).

2012-2017 NIH/NICHD grant HD32571: Sensory mechanisms of functional compensation after peripheral nerve injury. PI (PD, English).

2010-2011 NIH/NICHD Administrative supplement grant HD32571: Evaluation of motor unit recruitment before and after nerve injury. PI (PD, English).

2010-2014 NIH/NIBIB (CRCNS) grant EB 012855: Role of sensory feedback in locomotor recovery after spinal cord injury. Co-PI (PI, Lemay).

2009-2011 NIBIB/NICHHD grant HD057492: Manufacturing technology for skin integrated composite prosthetic pylon. Co-PI (PI-Pitkin).

2007-2012 NIH/NICHD grant HD32571: Sensorimotor control of locomotion after peripheral nerve injury. Co-PI (PI, Gregor; PD, English).

2006-2011 NIH/NINDS (BRP) grant NS048844: Spinal control of locomotion: Studies and applications. Co-PI (PI, Rybak)

2000 Ritsumeikan University, Japan. Research Fellowship, PI

1995 American Society of Biomechanics. Young Scientist Award.

1993-1995 Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research. Postdoctoral Fellowship.

1992-1993 University of Calgary, Canada. Postdoctoral Fellowship.

1992 UNISPORT and the Organizing Committee of Olympic Scientific Congress, Malaga, Spain. Travel Fellowship.

1977 Gold Medal for the Best Undergraduate Research Project in the Natural, Technological, and Social Fields. Ministry of Higher Education, former USSR.