Application Procedure

We are participating in the APTA sponsored application service called Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). To apply to the Emory DPT program, please visit and follow all instructions. Contact information for PTCAS: and 617-612-2040.

Our application deadline is 11:59 pm on October 15, 2019. After initial review, qualifying students will be invited for an interview which is a requirement for admission. Keep in mind that during peak application season, it takes several weeks before we receive your submitted application from PTCAS. Therefore, applicants should have their applications submitted with ALL supporting documents well before October 15, 2019.

Early Decision

We are participating in early decision. Early decision deadline is August 15, 2019. To qualify for early decision, candidates must have a minimum cumulative undergraduate total GPA and Science GPA of 3.5. Candidates must score in the 50th percentile or above on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE. The highest percentile ranking for each section will be utilized even if obtained on different testing dates. If invited, on-campus interviews will be held in September, 2019.

General Decision

Round one PTCAS application deadline is September 15, 2019. If invited, on-campus interviews will be held in November, 2019.

Round two PTCAS application deadline is October 15, 2019. If invited, on-campus interviews will be held in January, 2020.


Complete online application at

Submit to PTCAS all supporting documents, which include:

  1. Transcripts from all schools listed on your application
  2. GRE scores (ask ETS to send your official GRE scores to Institution code #0102)
  3. 3 letters of recommendation
  4. Volunteer or Paid Physical Therapy Observation Hours
  5. 2 essays
  6. Pre-requisite information

Supplemental Application and Fee

Be sure to pay supplemental application fee of $65.00 online. IT IS IMPORTANT to indicate the name of the applicant if applicant’s name is different from the name on the credit card that you are using so that we can identify the applicant that you are paying for.

**Your application will not be reviewed until we have received all supporting documents, and application fee of $65.00. **

Important Dates

Firm Application Deadline October 15, 2019
Early Decision Deadline August 15, 2019 Interviews in September, 2019
Round One PTCAS Deadline September, 2019 Interviews in November, 2019
Round Two PTCAS Deadline (Firm Deadline) October 15, 2019 Interviews in January, 2020
Program start date June, 2020

A complete application must include the following:

  1. Application submitted through PTCAS.
  2. $65.00 Supplemental Application fee. Pay online at our website.
  3. Official Transcripts from each university or college attended and indicated on application submitted through PTCAS.
  4. Three letters of recommendation submitted through PTCAS. Please note that one letter must come from a professor/instructor who has taught the applicant at the undergraduate or graduate level and can speak to the applicant’s academic abilities. One must also come from a physical therapist that has supervised the applicant in a clinical setting and can speak to the applicant’s suitability for the profession
  5. Two essays (see topics of essays under ‘Admissions Requirements’) submitted through PTCAS.
  6. Submit unofficial GRE scores with PTCAS application and follow-up with official scores. Use PTCAS Emory Institution code 0102. Contact information for Educational Testing Service (ETS): and 609-921-9000.
  7. Five pre-requisite courses (see courses under ‘Admissions Requirements’) submitted through PTCAS.
  8. Hours of PT experience including the types of clinical settings under the direct observation of a Physical Therapist submitted through PTCAS.
Tuition At the present time (2018-2019), the tuition is $12,133 per semester.
Tuition is payable at the beginning of each semester. Please note that the University reserves the right to revise tuition and other charges when necessary. Additional costs for drug screens and/or criminal background checks may be necessary prior to beginning clinical affiliations. Click here for information.
Housing & Financial Aid For information on housing and financial aid, you must contact these
offices (phone numbers are listed below). Please note that the FAF (Financial Aid Form) is required for any Financial Aid Award. It is recommended that you file the FAF no later than February 15.
(404) 727-7631
Emory Graduate Housing Center
1560 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30322
Financial Aid
(800) 727-6039
Office of Financial Aid
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

For further information concerning the application process, please contact:

Division of Physical Therapy
(404) 727-4002