Andrew John Butler, PhD, MBA

Andrew John Butler, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor, Rehabilitation Medicine

Office:   1441 Clifton RD NE
Suite RG07
Atlanta, GA 30322 (University)
Office:   (404) 712-5675 (Office)


Dr. Butler is a neuroscientist and physical therapist with a special interest in motor control, neuro-rehabilitation, functional neuroimaging, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. He is the co-director of TMS laboratory within the Center for Rehabilitation medicine. He is the Emory co-PI of the Functional Imaging in Constraint Induced Therapy (FICIT) study (R01 HD40984, George Wittenberg M.D.Ph.D, Wake Forest, PI) which evaluates the effect of constraint-induced movement therapy on cortical reorganization following stroke using TMS and fMRI co-registration among EXCITE participants.

Dr. Butler is currently the PI of a project investigating the use of mental imagery to improve motor deficits in patients with stroke National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM 5R21AT002138-02)


2009 M.B.A. Finance Goizueta Atlanta, GA, USA
1998 M.S. Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Denton, TX, USA
1995 Ph.D. Motor Control Iowa City, IA, USA
1987 B.S. Biology, Chemistry Dubuque, IA, USA


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Awards and Honors

2010-2011 Woodruff Leadership Academy Fellow. Emory University School of Medicine and Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center. Mentor: Michael M.E. Johns, M.D., and Stuart Zola, Ph.D.
02/2009 Invited participant. Physical Therapy and Society Summit (PASS). Leesburg, Virginia.
01/2007 Appointed as Fellow to the Council American Heart and Stroke Association
01/2007 Extramural Loan Repayment Program for Clinical Researchers (LRP-CR) National Institutes of Health
02/2003 Outstanding Research Proposal University of Virginia. NIH-NCMRR
04/2002 Young Investigator Award, International Stroke Symposium Center on Aging, University of Kansas Medical Center
06/2001 NIH Human Brain Project Travel Award of $500 Organization for Human Brain Mapping
06/2000 NIH Human Brain Project Travel Award of $500 Organization for Human Brain Mapping
01/1998 Neuroplasticity: Interface of basic and applied Sciences in Clinical Practice Retreat- $350 American Physical Therapy Association, Section on Research
01/1996 Travel award to attend 20th Annual Neural Control of Spatial Behavior Symposium-$350 University of Rochester Center for Visual Science
04/1995 Graduate Student Travel Funds Award-$250 University of Iowa
03/1995 Scholarly Presentation Travel Funds Award-$200 University of Iowa
02/1995 Travel endowment gift of $200 University of Iowa Graduate College Isabel Demple Estate
01/1995 Travel award to attend Multisegmental Motor Control Retreat-$250 American Physical Therapy Association
02/1994 Graduate Student Senate Travel Funds Award-$200 University of Iowa
01/1994 Scholarly Presentation Funds Award-$225 University of Iowa
04/1993 Sims- Riddle Fund Tavel Award-$200 University of Iowa
03/1993 Scholarly Presentation Travel Funds Award–$200 University of Iowa
02/1993 Graduate Student Senate Travel Funds Award-$200 University of Iowa
01/1993 Student Association Research Grant Committee Award-$150 University of Iowa
01/1991 Graduate Student Senate Travel Funds Award-$200 University of Iowa