Emory Physical Therapy Alumni Association (EPTAA)


The purpose of the Emory Physical Therapy Alumni Association (EPTAA) is to foster a positive, dynamic, and ongoing relationship between alumni, faculty, and students. A goal of this organization is to establish a cohesive network of Emory graduates to assist the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in recruiting, fundraising, and support. The EPTAA will provide contacts to Emory alumni, current students, and potential applicants nationwide for dissemination of information about the Emory program, physical therapy in general, and to strengthen the Emory bond before, during, and after matriculation. A strong alumni association will reinforce the attributes and benefits of attaining a high caliber education at such a prestigious university.


  1. Establish an on going network of alumni throughout United States that includes:
    • Regional representatives
    • City representatives
  2. Foster relationships with current students and serve as professional contacts and mentors
  3. Assist with fundraising to strengthen scholarship fund
  4. Assist with recruiting of prospective students via phone calls, email, individual meetings, and/or social gatherings
  5. Strengthen contact between alumni across the United States
  6. Improve communication between Doctor of Physical Therapy program and alumni
  7. Improve networking between alumni and between alumni and students for potential employment opportunities