The mission of the Division of Physical Therapy is to “Cultivate well-being of individuals and global communities through exemplary leadership in physical therapy education, discovery, and service.”


We strive to create an environment that facilitates the health, growth and education of healthcare consumers, students, faculty and healthcare professionals through the exploration and implementation of innovative concepts and models in the field of Movement Science, applied with a concern for human values and diverse cultures.
The Division of Physical Therapy is committed to the development of pro-active, ethically-engaged, caring leadership in the pursuit of excellence in scientific inquiry and in the application of validated scientific principles that allow optimal function in clients of all ages and levels of ability.
The students and faculty will pursue independent thought and learning over a lifetime and experience the intrinsic rewards of individual effort, and of membership in the physical therapy profession and in local, national, and international healthcare and scientific communities.


In our endeavors we value:

  • Safety, rights, dignity, individuality and power of our healthcare consumers, students and faculty
  • Lifelong learning for our students, healthcare consumers, faculty and healthcare professionals
  • Integrity as an essential underpinning for all professional behavior
  • Ongoing attainment of excellence In clinical, educational and research endeavors
  • Direct and constructive dialogue as a means to prevent or resolve conflict
  • Power of the democratic process for decision making
  • Integration of the basic and clinical sciences as the theoretical foundation for evidence based clinical practice
  • Preparing our students both for the current healthcare arena and for future developments in the field
  • Modeling the highest ideals of the Physical Therapy profession