Division of Physical Therapy, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Committee Mission:

Emory University’s Division of Physical Therapy Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is a group of faculty and staff working strategically to promote an intentional culture of diversity, inclusivity, and equity for faculty, staff, and students of the Emory DPT program. The mission of the committee is to foster an inclusive environment that reflects the dynamic world and populations around us.

Committee Goals:

  1. Foster an inclusive culture of learning, dialogue and professionalism
  2. Provide recommendations and resources to the educational curricula to build awareness of relevant social, societal, and structural issues in the health of populations
  3. Develop faculty and staff awareness with respect to issues of DEI, and foster a culture of mentorship, and allyship of underrepresented minority learners.
  4. Build and assess initiatives for equitable workplace opportunity and professional development for faculty and staff.
  5. Provide recommendations for program growth initiatives as they relate to outreach, student admissions, research activities, faculty, and staff recruitment, hiring practices, and retention. 
  6. Engage with university and community partners to advise and inform the program about social, cultural, and professional issues and needs.

DEI Newsletter by the Student DEI Committee

Spring 2021