1st Frank S. Blanton, Jr., MD Humanities in Rehabilitation Scholarship Award Presented

The DPT Program is excited to announce the recipient of the first Annual Frank S. Blanton, Jr. MD Scholarship Award. The 2016 Award was presented to Stephanie Larson, who is a doctoral student in the Emory English Department and the first graduate Managing Editor of the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHR). The very first Blanton Award Banquet was hosted in the home of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of Wit, Margaret Edson. Attendees of the banquet included Sarah Blanton, DPT, NCS, faculty member and daughter of the late Dr. Frank S. Blanton, Jr., Jamie Larson, the recipient’s mother, Emma Goldberg, DPT/MPH student, Laura Otis, PhD, Professor, Emory English Department and McArthur Fellow, and Linda Merrill, PhD, Emory Art History Department. Created by his family, this scholarship honors the life and impact of Dr. Blanton by supporting an annual position for a graduate assistant to serve on the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation.

Congratulations to Stephanie Larson as the first recipient of this wonderful award!

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