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Accreditation and Program Outcomes

What Our Students and Alumni Are Saying

“Each time I am faced with a new challenge, I am filled with nothing but gratitude towards Emory. I truly feel I got the best education and I am such a better clinician for it. I am able to synthesize so much vital information from school into my patients and that is truly invaluable. Each of you (the faculty) believed in me at Emory and it has given me the confidence to stand up for myself, fight for our voices as PTs to be heard, and fight for opportunities for myself and patients.”

“I’ve learned not to be afraid to think outside the box and to tailor your treatments specifically to your patients. I’ve learned to be very creative and just never quit.”

“Narrative reflection gave me a prescriptive way to digest these sometimes really tough encounters in such a way that I felt I gained some insight and was better equipped to handle similar situations in the future.”

“Emory University’s DPT program has blown me away! I am so glad to have chosen it and gotten to know the welcoming faculty and staff. It was inspiring to see such dedicated people around me and get to learn together at conferences, national PT meetings, and local community service events. There are lots of good experiences to be had in this program and the lifelong learning begins HERE. If you can choose Emory, do it.”

“I’ve applied for PT opportunities overseas, or we may come back stateside,” she says. “I worked at Hillside as a long-term volunteer and received a living stipend. My goal is to get the necessary skills so I can get a similar salaried position as a rehab director of an international nonprofit.”   (On completing her position as a Rehab Director for a faith –based non-profit in Southern Belize.)

“I’ve enjoyed partnering with the university to understand how we can reduce waste, still have cost savings, and match what our consumers are seeing outside the health care arena.”

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